Fruit life

C Fruit Life was originated in Hong Kong during 1987 and is headquartered in Hong Kong. In 2007, C Fruit Life expanded into the Mainland China and has set up branch offices in Guangzhou and Beijing . C Fruit Life focuses on delicious and healthy fruit dessert and, in 2014, led the dessert to the international market, the United States, Australia, Melbourne and other overseas stores. Over these regions there are about 800 operating stores and 30 agents. C Fruit Life is committed to the modern Hong Kong-style dessert culture. Over the years, C Fruit Life achieved first-class brand image, deep Hong Kong-style dessert culture, healthy nutrition dishes, and modern Hong Kong-style dessert culture to each consumer. This is the first Hong Kong dessert store available in Philadelphia, opened on December 16, 2016. Go over and check them out......



Mon:  12:00 pm –  12:00 am
Tue:    12:00 pm –  12:00 am
Wed:   12:00 pm –  12:00 am
Thu:   12:00 pm –  12:00 am
Fri:     12:00 pm –  1:00 am
Sat:     12:00 pm –  1:00 am
Sun:   12:00 pm –  12:00 am

Telephone: (267) 687-2363